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It's pronounced "kah-ray" for all the beauties wondering. The name Karré was a nickname given to my grandfather when he was young. Karré in creole means "to intimidate". When it came to family, my grandfather would never let others intimidate him but instead counter-intimidate. Prior to him leaving us behind, he taught us all to live life to the fullest and always take risks. Being a well known individual in his town in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, as a successful farmer. entrepreneur and natural herbalist, my goal is to continue in the same path of using the resources around me to beautify the world. Here at Karré Beauty, we strive to give you nothing but the upmost respect and satisfaction. We believe that there is something here for everyone. We place our customers on a high pedestal simply because without you we are non-existent. Thank you for choosing us to beautify your already beautiful canvas. Happy shopping kings and queens! 

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